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6 tips for the maintenance of high pressure hose assembly

Posted: Aug 09, 2016 Clicks: 671

Improper installation of high pressure hose can seriously degrade its performance and lifetime, and twist the hose connector makes installation loosening torque (keep hose straight), it is easy to make joint nut loose, resulting in hose leakage and rupture.

A sufficiently large bending radius can prevent hose damage and produce throttle phenomenon, too small bending radius will seriously reduce the hose life, and make excessive pressure loss so that reduced efficiency. The pressure will cause the hose length changes, the change rate about -4% ~ 2%. Therefore, the installation of steel wire braided high pressure hose should be left margin, otherwise the long-term use can cause leaks at the joints, and even pulled out of the hose connector.


How to maintain high pressure hose assembly


When the hose regularly touch friction surface, you need to use protective liner to reduce the friction coefficient, which can prevent aging and increase the service life.

Used hoses are removed material of inner tube in time, and put some media in to make it close.

Do not store the hose outdoors, avoiding sunlight and pollution to make hose aging

We don’t recommend high-pressure hose repair when find hidden trouble, replace new rubber hose immediately to avoid accidents and personal injury.

It needs to regularly check high pressure rubber hose that has long-term use, replace hose timely that has joint wear, epidermis wear and aging.

Clean the surface of high-pressure hose, avoid production materials or corrosive materials left over from surface.


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