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High pressure silicone tube in many areas

Posted: Aug 15, 2016 Clicks: 660

The feature of silicone tube includes safety and environmental protection, which can be widely used in many ways because of high performance. The high temperature silicone tube is one of our most commonly silicone hose. In fact, in our daily lives, silicone tubes are used in many areas no matter high or low temperatures condition.

1. Transportation
High temperature silicone tube in the area of transport applications are varied, the most common is the shipbuilding industry. Generally, connecting pipes as well as a variety of protective layers are used of high temperature resistant silicone rubber material, so that the safety and service life of high-temperature silicone tube is guaranteed.

2. Aviation Industry
Aviation industry, as one of great importance manufacturing industry, the use of material quality is absolutely guaranteed. High temperature silicone tube in the aviation industry are also often used as a protective film and the connection pipe to use because it is not only capable of high temperature insulation, low temperature, anti-oxidation, but also will not produce any liquid and other chemical reactions, Therefore, the use of high temperature silicone hose in the aviation industry is a very wise choice.

3. Food, household appliances
High temperature silicone hoses are often used in home appliances, for example, we use the water dispenser is resistant to high temperature food-grade silicone tube, because of exposure to high temperature or low temperature of boiling water and cold water to produce any chemical reactions and harmful substances.

4. Medical Devices
Connection pipe in medical devices often use high temperature silicone hose, non-toxic and tasteless characteristics it is very suitable for use in medical procedures.


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