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How to maintain high-pressure hose

Posted: Jan 14, 2016 Clicks: 810

With the development of technology, the type of high-pressure hose is also increasing. The life of hose not only depends on their quality, but also need to know how to properly maintain. So we will put forward some useful suggestions on how to use and maintain the hose:


1. hose and hose assemblies are designed only for transporting materials, otherwise it will reduce the service life or failure.
2. hose and hose assembly can only bear within its range, it should not be used in excess of the design pressure.
3. hose and hose assembly transmitted medium temperature should not exceed -40 ℃ - + 120 ℃, otherwise it will shorten its life. ,
4. hose and hose assembly should not be less than under the hose at minimum bend radius, to avoid bending occurs near the pipe joints or bent, otherwise it will hinder the hydraulic transmission and delivery of materials or damaged hose assembly.
5. hose and hose assembly can not be used in the twisted state.
6. hose and hose assembly in transportation should be noted that careful handling, can not be sharp or rough ground in drag, you can not bend or squash hose.
7. hose and hose assembly should pay attention to maintaining clean, clean the inside, to prevent foreign matter entering, damage to the equipment.


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