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Improve work efficiency and service life of rubber hose

Posted: Apr 13, 2016 Clicks: 600

High pressure hoses are made with oil resistant rubber layer, uneven walls, steel wire braided layers are so tight or loose that easily making quality of rubber tube decreases. Outer rubber airtight poor lead to wire corrosion, hose and fittings assembly or joints, materials, structure and size selection is not reasonable, it can cause joint and hose pressure too tight or too loose, forming the joint early damage. Hose fittings and pressure is too loose, the pressure is initially appears from the joint; joint and hose assembly, if the action is fast, easy to form an internal rubber layer damage and broken wires. In addition, the joint design is not reasonable, poor processing quality can be easy unglued. If the hose connector of poor quality materials, deformation during flexion, thereby affecting the quality of crimp and shorten the life of high pressure rubber hose. It is important to maintain rubber hose if you want to make hoses have high performance.


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Use a defective hose will greatly shorten the life of rubber hose. In short, high-quality rubber hose can better improve work efficiency and service life.

(1) Frequent or intense pressure can cause high pressure hose burst. As the pressure and the severity of the impact, in the mechanical engineering job, the tubing recurring oil pressure suddenly will increase or decrease, then the composition of the hose pressure often influence, resulting in leakage of oil seal damage and fittings.

(2) Irrational install and use rubber hose. The number of replacement high pressure hose, hose length, wire layers, joint appearance and dimensions to be reasonable, and should minimize the bending of the pipeline. When tightening the nut joint, do not twist the hose, excessive bending and twisting will greatly reduce the life of rubber hose; Find the main reasons easy to wear, providing solutions to improve the utilization rate of rubber hose.

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