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Steel wire spiral high pressure hose

Posted: Jul 27, 2016 Clicks: 843

The structure of steel wire spiral high pressure hose contained inner layer, middle layer and outer layer, there are 2 layer, 4 layers or 6 layers of steel wire in middle layer, hose assembly used to increase the strength and pressure resistance.

Under normal circumstances, the inner layer can determine the transmission media, cut off from contact with the media and wire. The outer layer can protect the layer of wires from external abrasion or corrosion. The strength of high pressure rubber hose depends on that how many layers of steel wire, a wide range of layers from 2 to 6.

4SP & 6SP


6SP spiral hose

Hose assembly is often used in hydraulic support, lifting, transportation, mining, marine, oil drilling, injection molding machinery, agricultural machines etc. In modern industrial environments, high pressure hose has been widely applied to all walks of life, used to transport a variety of media. The wire spiral high-pressure hose is its important form.

Multi high pressure steel wire spiral hose made of special rubber material, to ensure that oil and heat aging resistance, small pressure deformation, it also has excellent fatigue resistance and bypass song. The working medium of hose assembly includes soluble oil, mineral hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and oil soluble petroleum-based class, emulsions, oil-water emulsion and other water-based liquid. And the working temperature range from -40 degrees to 120 degrees, working pressure range from 31MP to 120MP under harsh conditions, our hose material is made of special synthetic rubber.

A wide range of steel wire spiral hose including 2SP, 4SP, 6SP, R9, R12, R13, R15, different rubber hose sizes rely on working environment, please consult us if you need to custom hose.


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