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What you need to know about steam hose

Posted: Sep 05, 2016 Clicks: 791

Steam hose is usually used for engine cooling water, cold water, food processing and refrigeration equipment, especially dairy plant hot water and saturated steam (low concentration), resistant to dilute acid.

The material of high temperature steam hose is ethylene propylene rubber which can dissolve the homogeneous reaction of dissolved monomer and catalyst in a solvent, usually to alkanes such as hexane as solvent, using a V-A1 catalyst system, the polymerization temperature is 30 ~ 50℃, the polymerization pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.8 MPa, in general, the mass fraction of polymer in the reaction product is 8% ~ 10%. The process basically by raw material preparation, chemical preparation, polymerization, removal of catalyst, monomer and solvent recovery process of refining and condensation, drying and packaging etc. But each company has its own patented technology in a part or control, thus has its own unique technology implementation method.

High temperature steam hose

Use: for conveying 165℃ to 220 ℃ saturated steam or hot water, suitable for steam cleaning machine, steam hammer, flat plate curing machine, injection molding machine and other hot pressing equipment for soft pipeline.

Features: the inner and outer layers are made of synthetic adhesive with excellent performance, application of high temperature steam hose diameter wire body having a soft, lightweight, flexible, good heat resistance steam hose in iron products woven layers of saturated vapor pressure.

high temperature steam hose


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Our rubber products are sold throughout the country, widely used in a variety of heavy-duty vehicles, construction machinery, oil, coal mining, electricity, metallurgy, chemical, shipbuilding, transportation and other industries.


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