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Flexible metal hose

COVER:Stainless Steel
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YINLI, a leading metal hose manufacturer and supplier who have more than 15 years in stainless steel hoses wholesale, we can offer flexible high pressure metal hose with good flexibility, resistant to high temperature, resistant to corrosion. Metal hoses are applicable for the chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, shipbuilding, construction and other industries.


Metal hoses are an indispensable part of modern technology with its high demands on piping systems for a wide variety of media and temperatures. High flexibility and highest pressure and temperature resistance characterize our product program and allow their use in many areas, notably in heating, plumbing and air conditioning systems, in the oil and gas industry, in the chemical and food industry, in machine and equipment construction, ship building, railway and automotive engineering.



◎ Bellows will primarily reduce the vibration and noise of the piping systems, solve the different piping displacement, axial flex joint problems, etc.
◎ Depending on the material requirements, threaded expansion bellows can be made into acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, to adapt to different media and the environment.
◎ Threaded expansion bellows sealing materials, light weight, easy to repair and maintain.

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