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Silicone high pressure garden hose

INNER TUBE:Oil resistant synthetic rubber
REINFORCEMENT:High temperature polyester braids
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -80°C to 250°C (-110°F to 480°F)
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A wide range of braided silicone hoses are manufactured for many industries, such as chemical and pharmaceutical, refueling system, hydraulic systems, air conditioners, construction vehicles, food and beverage, water and cleaning management. Silicone hoses are reinforced with polyester, YLHOSE company has provided high performance and flexible silicone braided hoses to many pharmaceutical companies in Australia, Singapore, UK, Germany, Spain, Iraq, Russia.

Brief Introduction for Silicone Hose
Color: Clear
Cover: Silicone.
Reinforcement: High temperature polyester braids.
Remarks: 15 and 30 meter standard coils.
Temperature resistant: -80°C to 250°C (-110°F to 480°F).

High temperature resistant
Non-reactive to biological fluids
Unaffected most water soluble materials
Sterilized through steam, dry heat, ethylene oxide & gamma radiation
Resistant to oxidation, ozone and radiation
Discards bacterial grow

Advantages of YLHOSE
Long usage and lifespan
Good anti-corrosion property
Excellent wear resistance
Good solder ability
Good flexibility and anti-scratch ability
High impact resistance
Excellent resistance to low and high temperatures. The media in this hose is visible through the translucent tube.

Coolant Hose for Industrial Machinery & Equipments
Pipes & connecting hose for Food & Beverages processing
Medical Equipments
Chemical & Adhesive filling systems
Transfer of chemicals, foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products

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